Professional Dive Series

The Professional Dive Series is the ultimate choice for underwater explorers who demand top-quality, reliable, and high-performance seascooters. Experience the best of every dive with our professional series.


Up to 4.35 mph (7 km/h)

Run Time

Up to 90 minutes

Depth Rating

Up to 130 ft (40 m)

Designed For

Advanced Divers


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Navtech 1 SeascooterNavtech 1 Seascooter
NAVTECH 1 SEASCOOTER Sale price$1,795.00
Navtech 2 SeascooterNavtech 2 Seascooter
NAVTECH 2 SEASCOOTER Sale price$1,395.00
Navtech 3 SeascooterNavtech 3 Seascooter
NAVTECH 3 SEASCOOTER Sale price$1,095.00

Professional Dive Series